Friday, June 11, 2004

feeling much better, thank you

as i lay in the hospital, oxygen tubes in my nose, an i.v. in my right arm, and sensors of varying sorts connected to my chest, i began to wonder if perhaps i was taking the piston's game 2 loss a little too seriously. sure, things looked bad, but heart attack bad?

not that i was actually having a heart attack, mind you, but it sure seemed like it. i'd been up all night, unable to sleep because of the pain and numbness radiating from my neck and shoulder area down my arm into my right hand. finally woke Ronni at 5, called the doctor, explained the symptoms, got my marching orders, woke up Colin, and all headed down to the Saline hospital.

after a full cardio workup showed a perfectly healthy heart, the doctor tried some potent pain meds in the i.v. 5 minutes later i felt like a new man. turned out to be a strained trapezius muscle.

probably from leading worship on the guitar at our home group on tuesday night. pitiful, eh? i sure hope the home group realizes how much i put into it for them. Clearly, Jesus wasn't all that impressed :)

turns out my concerns for the pistons were equally ill founded. their heart is in great shape, despite everyone's concerns to the contrary (mine included). championship shape, even. we'll see...


Anonymous said...

hey jesse
what do you think p.a.g.t.w means?
Dad and Grace
Hope you feel better

Anonymous said...

Pistons Are Going To Win...

hey, I heard you learned how to juggle!? that's awesome! can't wait to see it